When you open a TLD to the public through our registry (sometimes called "staking it"), we require that you transfer it into a 2-of-3 multi-sig wallet, usually held with "Bob Wallet".

If your TLD is still held at Namebase, the first thing we recommend you do is get it into a wallet over which you have exclusive control as this will just makes things easier. This can take a few days. We recommend you transfer it to a wallet using "Bob wallet"


To stake names with Gateway, we need the name and email of a person who will sign the Domain Service Agreement and we can send a Docusign to them. A blank copy is attached to this article so you can read through it, if you wish.


Once this is signed we will start setting up the TLD, so we can generate the security keys and send you the `DS` record you will need to secure the TLD & its second level domains (SLDs). Securing the zone enables the TLD & SLDs to be able to use DANE, a decentralised HTTPS.

Once we have given you the `DS` record, you can update the NS & DS data for the name to point to Gateway's name servers: 
ns1.nameserver.io, ns2.nameserver.io, ns3.nameserver.io, ns4.nameserver.io, ns5.nameserver.io

If you're using hsd, the command should be something similar to this: 

hsw-rpc sendupdate [TLD] '{ "records": [ { "type": "NS", "ns": "ns1.nameserver.io."}, { "type": "NS", "ns": "ns2.nameserver.io."}, { "type": "NS", "ns": "ns3.nameserver.io."}, { "type": "NS", "ns": "ns4.nameserver.io."}, { "type": "NS", "ns": "ns5.nameserver.io."}, { "type": "DS", { "type": "DS", "keyTag": [TAG], "algorithm": 13, "digestType": 2, "digest": "[DIGEST]" }} ]}'

where [TLD] is your TLD name and [TAG] & [DIGEST] in the `DS` record will be data we give you.

NOTE: the names of the name servers (e.g ns1.nameserver.io.) end with a dot (after the "io") - this is a necessary part of the name.


Once you've set the DS & NS records, I will run some technical tests to ensure the TLD is correctly secured (so SLD users can use DANE) before we move on to create the 2 of 3 multisig wallet with you, us, and Matt Zipkin (a trusted 3rd party).

We will also need to know the pricing information you want. Once you have access to the "Owner's Portal" you will be able to adjust the prices, set premium prices & reserve any names you wish to hold back from public sale. If you have a long list of names you wish to reserve or set a premium price on, you can send us a list & we can import them directly into the server.

Our Premium Pricing model works in "grades" - Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Palladium - you can put any name or "wildcard" name set into any category and then set the price for that category. "Wildcard" names are things like "All two letter names", as opposed to specific names like "usa" or "bitcoin".

Generally we recommend you keep pricing as simple as possible. We will need to set up the pricing categories for you, but you can adjust the prices once they are set up.

Obviously, it is far better that you ensure all the pricing information & reserved names etc are fully set up before you start publicising the availability of the TLD for names to be bought !!